Who We Are

Who We Are


Texas-based Wind Energy Transmission Texas, LLC, (WETT) is a joint venture between two worldwide leaders in electric transmission development who have come together to build and operate high-voltage greenfield transmission lines here in Texas. WETT’s members have an international reputation for quality engineering, construction, and service, and WETT will use its worldwide experience and global resources to speedily deliver a superior product, providing Texans with the best transmission value and service available in the world.


Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield is a global owner and operator of property, power, and infrastructure assets. The company has approximately $80 billion of assets under management and is co-listed on the New York, Toronto and Euronext stock exchanges under the symbol BAM. Brookfield has 80 years of operating experience in the electric transmission business and currently has $1 billion of transmission development in North America, including a wholly-owned, regulated utility in Canada, under management. Brookfield’s transmission portfolio today is includes approximately 6,800 miles of transmission lines in Northern Ontario, Brazil and Chile. Additionally, Brookfield is one of the largest independent owner-operators of high quality, low cost, renewable, hydroelectric power facilities, and more recently, wind power. Although Brookfield does not have any power operations in Texas, Brookfield owns 9 million square feet of office space in downtown Houston as part of its property operations which are headquartered in New York. With major offices located in New York and Toronto, Brookfield has an exceptional team of over 14,000 employees throughout its worldwide operations. Additional information about Brookfield and its operations can be found on its website www.brookfield.com.

Isolux Corsan Concesiones

Isolux Corsán Concesiones, S.A. is a subsidiary of Isolux Corsan Group based in Madrid, Spain. They are the largest non-listed Spanish engineering, construction, services and real estate development company. Isolux Corsán Group has over 80 years of experience and has developed over 60 transmission line projects, totaling over 5,000 miles and 90 substations since 2000 alone. Isolux has an everincreasing presence across the globe and operates on four continents and in over 30 countries, with international branches in Argentina, Mexico, Morocco and Brazil. Isolux has $30 billion of projects currently under construction and annual revenue of more than $3,2 billion and is currently constructing 15 transmission lines and 40 substations. Isolux Corsán Concesiones is the part of Isolux Corsan Group focused on owning and operating state regulated concession transmission projects. Their experience includes the development, construction and operation of 13 transmission lines that total over 4,130 miles and has ownership interest in the 1,640 miles of four other transmission systems in the pre-operating phase in Brazil, Peru and the US. Additional information on Isolux Corsan’s businesses can be found at www.isoluxcorsan.com/ingles/index.html.


Wayne Morton, General Manager

Wayne Morton became the General Manager of Wind Energy Transmission Texas, LLC in October of 2010. Mr. Morton worked for Panda Energy between January 1999 and October 2010 leaving Panda as Vice President of Transmission and Market Strategy. While at Panda he was responsible for site selection, transmission access and the interconnection of over 7,000 MW of independent generation. Prior to his time at Panda, he was Manager of Power Resources for Texas-New Mexico Power Company responsible for wholesale power contracts and transmission access. Mr. Morton started his career at Texas Utilities as an engineer working in both the transmission and generation planning areas. A registered Professional Engineer in Texas, Mr. Morton graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1984 from Texas Tech University.