Wayne Morton, General Manager

Wayne Morton became the General Manager of Wind Energy Transmission Texas, LLC (WETT) in October of 2010, nearly from the company’s inception.  Since that time he has been responsible for the overall strategic development of the company infrastructure from planning to completion including construction and long-term financings, construction of the project, implementation of programs, and streamlining into a full-time operations.  Prior to that Mr. Morton worked for Panda Energy between January 1999 and October 2010, leaving Panda as Vice President of Transmission and Market Strategy. While at Panda he was responsible for site selection, transmission access and the interconnection of over 7,000 MW of independent generation. Prior to his time at Panda, he was Manager of Power Resources for Texas-New Mexico Power Company responsible for wholesale power contracts and transmission access. Mr. Morton started his career at Texas Utilities as an engineer working in both the transmission and generation planning areas. A registered Professional Engineer in Texas, Mr. Morton graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1984 from Texas Tech University.


Julius Horvath, Compliance, Technology and Planning Director

Julius Horvath is the Compliance, Technology and Planning Director for WETT. Mr. Horvath is responsible for all WETT NERC, ERCOT and TRE compliance, transmission system planning and information technology activities. Mr. Horvath was previously the Operations and Planning Director at WETT and was responsible for building out the WETT Control Centers, including hiring all staff, establishing all Operating Procedures and ensuring WETT successfully obtained its NERC TOP Certification.  Prior to working at WETT, Mr. Horvath worked at the Lower Colorado River Authority and the Bonneville Power Administration. Mr. Horvath also served nine years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Qualified Electrician’s Mate. Mr. Horvath earned his BSEE from Oregon State University and his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Julius is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.


Antonio Ansede, Engineering and Construction Director

Antonio Ansede is the Engineering and Construction Director for WETT. Mr. Ansede has been involved with WETT since the initial stages of the company back in 2009 being responsible for WETT’s transmission system design and construction support. Prior to working at WETT, Mr. Ansede was the Head of Transmission Systems Design at Isolux for stations worldwide. He gained construction experience during his time at Red Electrica, the owner and developer of the entire transmission network in Spain, managing construction of multiple 400 kV stations. He started his career in the utility business as an electrical inspector for existing high voltage transmission lines, stations and distribution systems, as well as, quality control auditor for new projects. He has been involved in design and construction of transmission lines and substations ranging from 24 to 400 kV since the beginning of his professional career in 1997. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer in Transmission and Power Systems in Spain.